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Dennis Garrett

Operations Manager

If you could have dinner with any artist or scientist, who would you choose and why?

I am particularly fascinated with Georges Rouault (1871 –1958) a French Fauvist / Expressionist Painter whose works have mastered the combined self of body, mind and soul in the 20th century.  His 1937 masterpiece "The Old King” is considered to be his very finest expressionist work.  At the end of his life he burned 300 of his works (estimated to be worth more than half a billion francs). His reason for doing so was not profound, as he simply felt he would not live to finish them.

What’s your favorite thing about Louisiana Art & Science Museum?

My favorite thing about the museum is that we are a family-friendly institution.  I grew up coming to the museum since the early sixties and have an appreciation for all that our museum does within our community to cultivate and inspire a life-long learning experience.