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Erin Kruppner

Development Coordinator

If you could have dinner with any artist or scientist, who would you choose and why?
I daydream about having a long conversation over delicious Italian cuisine with Caravaggio. His paintings, especially The Musicians, feel very much alive, and I want to know what goes on in the head of an artist who can create things that are so beautiful, moving, and gracefully melancholy.

What's your favorite thing about Louisiana Art & Science Museum?
It’s hard to name one thing about the Louisiana Art & Science Museum as my favorite. I have to say there are two: our conviction to making art and science education accessible for all audiences, and to creating programming that truly showcases how art and science are intricately connected. Our culture advances when we expand our scientific and artistic literacy and can appreciate the two disciplines and their many variations as equals; the Art & Science Museum is a perfect place to begin that journey towards better understanding.