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Your Visit to Louisiana Art & Science Museum


When completing your School Reservation Request Form, please double-check the accuracy of your information and provide an estimation of chaperones/adults attending. Space is NOT guaranteed for chaperones/adults without reservations.


Send your reservation form in one of three ways:

Online: www.lasm.org/ap/register

Fax: 225.214.1445

Mail: 100 River Road South Baton Rouge, LA 70802 


Reservations cannot be made by telephone, and dates cannot be held without a completed School Reservation Request Form. 

Your schedule will be sent in a confirmation packet within three business days.

Please review your schedule and then sign and return the School Visit Confirmation Form by the due date to confirm your visit. If you must cancel or change your schedule for any reason please call (225.344.5272, ext. 142), fax (225.214.1445), or e-mail (jcorrell@lasm.org). 



Please include all chaperone/adult and student fees in the final payment, which must be made on the day of your visit. We cannot guarantee space for chaperones/adults not included on the confirmation and final payment. School personnel accompanying students are admitted free of charge. Checks, cash, and credit cards are all accepted. 

Refunds for overpayments will be mailed to your school minus a $15 processing fee. An accurate count of the students, teachers and chaperones/adults is required at check-in. 

If your visit schedule requires you to divide your students into equal sub-groups, please do so before leaving your school. 

Review the confirmation packet for policies and procedures regarding cancellations, parking downtown, and lunches. Please pass on parking information to chaperones and bus drivers.

Please refer to  http://www.lasm.org/visit/directions/ for parking and bus drop-off and pick-up information. 



Because photography can damage artwork and violate copyright laws, the museum cannot permit photography or videography near artworks, which are located in the atrium, hallways, and art galleries. We welcome you to take photographs in hands-on galleries, during classroom and auditorium programs, and before and after programs in the planetarium theater. 

Enjoy your visit! We look forward to a wonderful day with you and your group. 



We would love to receive pictures of your visit! If you are interested in sharing your Art & Science Museum photographs with us, we will happily supply you with photo releases beforehand. Or, share your stories and images on our Facebook page!


Programs fill up quickly -- book early to ensure your spot!