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Engineer It: Dream Big

Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 10:00am - 12:00pm

Discover how today's engineers are inspiring the world a this interactive workshop for all ages. Join us as volunteers from the American Society of Engineers lead hands-on activities featuring a hurricane simulator and stream table. 

Let's Build Resilient Structures for Hurricanes.
We will use the recently built hurricane simulator to show interested students and future
engineers how to build resilient buildings. Our focus will be on certain home shapes and
roof types that are aerodynamically optimized to withstand extreme wind events and

Stream Table Demonstration
The Stream Table demonstrates, at a very small scale and accelerated time scale, the
morphological nature of streams trying to reach an equilibrium. Through the
demonstration, on-lookers witness the velocity variations in the stream visually as the
sand is transported in the high velocity sections (cut banks) and deposited in the low
velocity sections (point bars). They witness sediment depositions where the stream
discharges into the bay area forming a delta. Lastly, anthropogenic actions such as a
bridge, non-erodible bank, and dam are implemented demonstrating scour, erosion
prevention, and reservoir creation, respectively.