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Welcome to Louisiana Art & Science Museum’s Media Room. Members of the media and public can use this page to direct comments or questions about the Web site to LASM, request an LASM publication, and learn more about past, present, and future offerings of the museum.

Media Contact

Douglas Kennedy, Communications Coordinator

(225) 344-5272, ext. 125



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Media Clippings

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Newspaper Articles
2009-05-09 Advocate (Local Projects Squeezed In)
2009-03-19 Advocate (NASA Image Unveiling Review)
2009-03-14 Advocate (NASA Image Unveiling)
2009-03-13 Advocate (Hitchhikers' Guide through the Universe)
2009-03-08 Advocate (Surls Exhibition)
2009-03-06 Advocate (Sea Monsters Review)
2009-02-27 Advocate (Sea Monsters, Planetarium Show)
2009-02-26 Advocate (LASM Annual Meeting)
2009-02-20 Advocate (LASM Events)
2009-02-11 TigerWeekly (LASM's Pennington Planetarium/Digital Universe)
2009-02-06 Advocate (Aviation Exhibition)
2009-01-30 Advocate (First Sunday)
2009-01-04 Advocate (Chuck Close Exhibition)
2008-08-24 Advocate (Greiner Review)
2008-08-19 TigerWeekly (Crespo Review)
2008-08-17 Advocate (Gala Committee)
2008-08-03 Advocate (William Greiner)
2008-08-01 Advocate (Greiner/Crespo Exhibition)