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Nick BeJeaux

Communications & Public Relations Manager

If you could have dinner with any artist or scientist, who would you choose and why?

I would love to have dinner with Neil Degrasse Tyson. The man knows good food!. I don’t think we’d talk about hardcore science very much, but I would love to pick his brain for tips on being an effective science communicator. One quality I think Dr. Tyson and I share is a passion for educating and inspiring others and, in so doing, save the world. He’s a real-life superhero and I would love to glean what I can from him over dinner. Especially spoilers for Cosmos season two.

What's your favorite thing about Louisiana Art & Science Museum?

The best way for me to articulate this is with a short story. I was leaving the Solar System Gallery as a group of school kids (maybe third or fourth grade?) was coming in. Their reaction to seeing Jason the Triceratops, our other fossils, and space rocks put the biggest smile on my face. That feeling is why I love my job. There’s nothing like waking up another mind; it’s the best feeling in the world. Period.