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Lin Emery: A Force of Nature

Lin Emery: A Force of Nature

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September 26, 2018 - January 13, 2019

The Louisiana Art & Science Museum is honored to present Lin Emery: A Force of Nature. Based in New Orleans, Lin Emery is an internationally recognized artist who has contributed much to the development of kinetic art.

Emery is best known for her wind-powered sculptures made from industrial-grade aluminum that she has welded and polished to reflect light. Emery’s sculptures composed of abstract forms are inspired by nature and powered by natural energy sources. Throughout her lengthy career, Emery has investigated different methods of incorporating form with movement. Emery’s body of work includes the creation of aquamobiles (water), magnetmobiles (magnetic force), wind-powered works, and even musical sculptures. Encompassing more than thirty works indicative of her various types of kinetic art, this exhibition organized by the Art & Science Museum provides a glimpse into Lin Emery’s stylistic development and feats of engineering as well as her personal creative process.

Exhibition proudly sponsored in part by David C. Manship, John G. Turner & Jerry G. Fischer, and Entergy. 

View our Lin Emery: A Force of Nature exhibition catalog here.