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Museum Store

Our Museum Store is not a traditional “gift shop,” but rather an extension of the educational mission here at Louisiana Art & Science Museum. Including a visit to The Museum Store provides your students with the opportunity to put into practice skills that they study in school, such as estimation, currency, valuation, rounding, budgeting, and independent decision making, all in the museum’s controlled environment with assistance from store staff. Merchandise found in the store is related to the subject matter addressed in exhibitions, programs, and classes, and prices begin at only 25 cents. It is our goal to make your visit to the store easy for you, the teacher, and both educational and enjoyable for the kids. We encourage you to include us in your visit.

For groups unable to shop due to age or time restrictions, The Museum Store offers Art & Science To-Go bags for a modest price. Please contact the store at 225.344.5272, ext. 118, at least two weeks prior to your visit for this service.