Birthday Parties


Birthday Parties

Celebrate your young artist or scientist's latest trip around the sun with a Birthday Party at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum!

Our Birthday Parties have been UPDATED to include not only refreshed versions of the entertaining hands-on activities you know and love but also character-guided gallery tours related to your selected party theme. We've also added NEW Irene W. Pennington Planetarium birthday parties, which are perfect for both children and adults.

Museum Birthday Party Special Features

Explore LASM's galleries and experience engaging and innovative educational activities in the museum. All party themes will include new character-guided tours related to your chosen theme! Character examples include an artist, a paleontologist, and a scientist. 

Special Features Include:

  • Facilitation by a professional Birthday Party Specialist, who will dress in a simple costume according to the party theme
  • Exclusive usage of a decorated, private birthday party room, including table coverings and photo backdrops
  • Seating for up to 20 children with a maximum of 30 (additional guests can be accommodated for planetarium birthday parties only)
  • Use of a large, 2-tier service cart to transport refreshments and gifts
  • Complimentary ice and use of LASM's refrigerator and/or freezer
  • A variety of STEAM-related themes and related hands-on activity supplies that incorporate LASM's galleries, objects, and planetarium
  • A choice of activities, projects, and formats to accommodate children ages 2 and up
  • Availability of balloons, paper goods, and treat bags for an additional fee
  • Theme-specific birthday party invitations provided in PDF format
  • VIP parking for the birthday family in the private LASM lot

Museum Birthday Party Themes & Descriptions

Art Box Artist

Art Box Artist Party

Children will discover the treasures in LASM's art galleries and learn about and create various forms of artwork! Art gallery explorations will inspire children to create their own sculpture creations, collage works, or abstract paintings. Activities are related to the current art exhibitions on view in the galleries.

Activity Options Inspired by current art exhibitions.

    • Sculpture Creations
    • Abstract Painting (on canvas)
    • Self Portraits

Digging Dinosaur Party

As Junior Paleontologists, children will dig for dinosaurs as they investigate fossils and artifacts inspired by Jason the Triceratops and other fossil specimens in the Solar System Gallery. During the party, children will create dinosaur-themed art to take home and enjoy. Party-goers will also explore LASM's Paleontologist Cart to discover interesting fossil specimens!

Activity Options Inspired by the Solar System Gallery

    • Fossil Imprints
    • Collage-a-Saurus
    • Building Three-Dimensional Dinosaurs

Mad Scientist Party

Children will wear goggles and lab aprons in this STEAM-focused exploration, enjoying educational, interactive science demonstrations and performing a hands-on science experiment. Children will also create a STEAM-related art project.

Activity Options for Art Project Component

    • Building Kaleidoscopes
    • Creating Rainbow Scopes

Museum Birthday Party Pricing

Base Museum Party Fee, up to 20 children* (LASM Member)
Base Museum Party Fee, up to 20 children* (Non-LASM Member)
Additional Child Fee (for more than 20 children, maximum 30*)
$15 per child
$15 per dozen
Paper Goods
Treat Bags
$5 per bag

*Please note that the total museum birthday party room capacity is 50 (children and adults).

Irene W. Pennington Planetarium Birthday Parties

Experience the cosmos and celebrate your or your child's most recent trip around the sun in the state-of-the-art Irene W. Pennington Planetarium!


Planetarium Birthday Party Themes & Descriptions

Out-of-this-World Planetarium Party

    • Live, presenter-led Stargazing
    • Your choice of planetarium show (we have fantastic options from astronomy shows, to large-format documentary films, to laser light shows, to animated children's shows)
    • Photo on the dome of your choice
    • Exclusive usage of Classroom 1 or Classroom 2 for refreshments


Out-of-this-World Planetarium Party DELUXE

In addition to the features above, for an extra fee of $175 (for up to 20 children), the Out-of-this-World Deluxe Planetarium Party includes a space-themed, decorated room and astronomy-related activities. Children will also explore the Solar System and Universe Galleries. This party is suitable for ages 6 and up, with a special new Early Childhood option for ages 2-5 (see below).

Deluxe Package Activity Options for Art Project Component

  • Making Telescopes
  • Galaxy Painting (on canvas)

Early Childhood Big Bird Planetarium Party (ages 2-5)

Young children will view One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure in the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium, learning about the night sky with Big Bird and his friends. This party includes a decorated, Sesame Street-themed party room along with an astronomy-related activity.

Planetarium Birthday Party Pricing

Out-of-this-World Planetarium Party Fee, up to 50 guests (including adults & children) (LASM Member)
Out-of-this-World Planetarium Party Fee, up to 50 guests (including adults & children) (Non-LASM Member)
Additional Guest Fee  (for more than 50 guests, maximum 171)
$10 per guest
Planetarium Party DELUXE Fee, up to 20 children* (LASM Member)
$175 in addition to $375 (Member) or $395 (Non-Member) Party Fee
$15 per dozen
Paper Goods
Treat Bags
$5 per bag

**Please note that, while the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium has a seating capacity of 171, the party room capacity for DELUXE parties accommodates up to 50 children and adults only.

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